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We Moved From Hostgator to Siteground.com

We Moved !

We spent 2 years fighting with Hostgator suffering from really slow response times, slow page loads, database disconnects, and a plethora of annoying problems.

Since we started out with Hostgator, and they have good reviews, we didnt realize how much better things would be if we suffered though the process of moving webhosts.

This lead us to look for WordPress specific hosting and came up with Siteground.com

We are not sponsored in any way, just super happy to finally get the site running fast for customers!


It took us 3 days of painful trial and error but we finally was able to use the Updraft Plus (free) plugin to migrate with relative ease.

We ended up having to

  • Download the backup files off the Google Drive account,
  • FTP upload them to the Updraft WordPress folder,
  • Then install them on the new Siteground account with Updraft.


Anyhow, our page loads went from 12+ seconds down to 4-5 seconds! 

It feels even faster due to the amazing cache features included on the GoGeek (top level) hosting plan.


In the coming days we are going to try and further speed things up by finishing CDN image delivery, and Cloudflare CSS/Java CDN.


We care about everything we do and pay attention to the details!!!

We apologize to all the customers and friends we never met due to Hostgators terrible WordPress hosting environment.


Anyhow, thanks for reading, now Get Shopping, And Go Resist The Empire!

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