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Seedr.cc Makes Torrenting Faster and Anonymous

I am so happy about a new website I stumbled across called seedr.cc


In the past, I had to use a very slow VPN connection to download torrents anonymously.

I was looking for a way to cut out the VPN connection, but still be able to download torrents anonymously.

So, this is where I find out about seedr.cc

You can actually use a web page link for a torrent to get a personal download link from within your seedr account.


Seedr.cc will help you download any file up to 2 Gigabytes!

You can even tweet and share links to get up to 2 additional Gigs!


Decal Sticker 4.


Just add the link at the top of your account:

Decal Sticker 3Then you will have your file ready for direct download from your personal account with seedr


Decal Sticker 2.


Whats really great is a torrent that could take days to download is gathered together lightning fast by the seedr network,

I would not have believed its possible and I still dont understand how it can work so fast.


some larger movie files are available instantly and other very obscure files with low seed availability can still be gathered in minutes instead of days or hours.


While learning to use this great service I learned you can even use Torrent Hash Info to create a magnet link to get your download.


lets say you have the torrent hash but no magnet link to use in your seedr account.

just put the hash number into this page and click “Generate”

Now you have your magnet link to put into Seedr.cc account.


This is such a great service Im actually writing reviews for it on my personal business site, tweeted and posted it on our Pinterest.


You really have nothing to lose, getting an account is super simple,

just link it to your facebook account with one click and you can

download your first file in less than 2 minutes!


give it a try Seedr.cc



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