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If you are the registered copyright holder of any images or material presented on this website and would like to have it removed, please just ask.

We are not lawyers, we are not even a “we”, I am just a barely employable American with bad credit, who makes decals in his garage/studio to get by.

If you provide a link or the items name I will have it removed within 24 hours, no questions asked.

Please Keep In Mind That All Images Presented Are Computer Generated, In Bulk By 3rd Party Processors.

I No Longer Allow Artists To Process And Post Designs Independently.

75% Of The Products Presented Have Never Been Physically Made Or Sold and I Don’t Keep Any Premade Inventory.

I  Remove Products Regularly That Are Reported.

Also Note: A1Decals doesnt advertise anywhere, or sell on eBay, Amazon, or anywhere else.

I apologize right now up front, Please contact me ASAP




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