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Decal Installation

Watch A Video Or Read On For Instructions:

For Decals Of 8 Inches And Less:

Tools Needed – A Credit/Debit/Gift Card, Any Plastic Card Will Do

  • Lay Decal On A Flat Surface- Clear Tape Up.
  • Rub The Clear Tape With Card Edge To Help The Decal Adhere To Tape
  • Peal Away Clear Tape Slowly Making Sure Decal Sticks To Tape
  • Hold The Decal By Opposite Edges
  • Let The Center Of The Decal Bow Down/Outward.
  • Carefully Find Your Mark And Touch Center Of Decal To It
  • Gently Lower The Rest Into Place.
  • Rub The Clear Tape Again With The Credit Card To Stick It To The Window/Etc
  • Pull The Clear Tape Off SLOWLY Keeping Your Hand Near The Surface.
  • Don’t Pull Upwards, Pull Back Across The Surface.




We Collected Some Of The

More Useful YouTube Videos Below:

Easy Way To Peal Intricate Small To Medium Decals:

Troubleshooting Backing Removal:


For Larger Or Longer Decals

This Is A Good Video For A Tape In Place Install.


And Another:

And One For The Road:



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