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Cadillac Airbag Warning Cover Up

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We had a customer request a Jeep Visor Cover

to eliminate those ugly white / yellow /red warning

labels on so many new cars. We loved it so much

we made a set for the A1 Cadillac CTS.

Custom Work Hard / Play Hard Cadillac Coverups


Ugly Airbag Warning Sings


Work Hard


Play Hard




Medium Grey Background


Carbon Fiber Chrome Cadillac Shield / Text



If you are interested in having a set made,

they run $35 for a pair.

Contact Us, let us know your idea for the covers, your make/model

car, the size of your air bag warning decal, etc.

We will work with you by email to make the design. 

Here is the Jeep Set We Sent Off That Inspired Our Project.






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easter oval (:
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